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If you are looking for career growth and excellence in healthcare and in U.S.A, you have come to the right place. Your road to a successful career path has already been made easier by dedicated pioneers who have clinically paved the way for you at reputable medical facilities in the United States of America. The medical facilities hiring our nurses in the U.S.A continue to request for services because our success rate is high. We stand by you through thick and thin with unlimited support once you join our professional team of nurses. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. WE WILL WORK TOGETHER!!! When you join HSP nursing team, you have the choice of career growth and you will have plenty of fun and new friends.

Immediate Openings in the Following Specialties

  • Medical/Surgical

  • Pediatrics

  • Operating Room

  • Emergency Room

  • Intensive Care Unit

  • Critical Care Unit

  • Labor and Delivery

  • Physical and Occupational Therapists

  • And More

HSP has the connections, experience, and sparkling reputation to make all your Career dreams come true.


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I have been an Emergency Room nurse for 8 years in a teaching medical hospital in U.S.A with my family of 4 kids. My wife has a good job and my kids are in good schools with comfortable support systems. I will never have this comfort in my original country, Philippines and my family and I give all the thanks to HSP.

Andy M. Nurse

When I came to U.S.A from South Africa, I never thought of having this comfort level for my career. I was timid, insecure and afraid of the culture but HSP never turned me loose and took me on. After five years of being in America, they still support me abundantly.

Lexi R. Nurse

I work as a labor and delivery room nurse in a teaching hospital in America for the past 6 years. My hospital is very nice to me and I have grown a lot in my nursing career. HSP is the best recruiting company and has blossom my career.

Greta S. Nurse

Referral Bonus

Healthcare Staffing Providers has implemented a new referral bonus structure. This is an opportunity for you to reap the rewards by simply referring an NCLEX or NPTE/NBCOT completed candidate who lives outside the boarders of U.S.A. Payment structure as follows:

You will get paid after the candidate completes three months of continuous work with HSP client medical facility in the U.S.A


  1. The candidate must have passed NCLEX or NPTE/NBCOT and eligible for US License.
  1. The bonus reward is redeemable only to whoever first referred the candidate to HSP.
  2. Candidate must use the referrer’s personal link to apply. No exceptions.
  3. This promotion is not applicable to candidates who are already in HSP system.
  4. Number of referrals is unlimited.
  5. Income subject to U.S.A taxation

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