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Healthcare Staffing Providers, Inc. has responded to the nationwide need for nurses by putting in place comprehensive and innovative staffing alternatives and solutions. We staff reputable medical facilities across the country with competent international nurses whose focus is quality and risk management directives. Our search, recruitment and direct hire processes prepare our international nurses to meet the challenges of care given at each medical facility. We rank among the elite group of healthcare staffing providers in the nation. The medical facilities we service have developed lasting relationship with us based on trust, dependability, and professionalism.


Since 1930, U.S. has been welcoming international nurses to its healthcare workforce and the practice will continue for years to come so we designed our services to deliver permanent solutions. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of Registered Nurses is projected to grow 6% from 2021 to 2031 while 203,200 openings are projected each year over the decade.

The net effect of factors creating nursing shortages is that demand for Registered Nurses has outstripped the supply nationally while domestic recruitment efforts have become intensely competitive with many local nurses overworked and few qualified individuals changing positions. International nurses for direct hire is an alternative recruitment choice. This recruitment effort will increase the number of individuals in the labor pool and minimize attrition rate.

HSP Promise

When you partner with HSP for international nurses, there will be a guarantee that you will substantially reduce your contingent labor cost of Per Diem and Travel Assignments for Registered Nurses.

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